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This is FCPA Whistleblower clipart.Andy Rickman was recently quoted in TechCentral discussing the Dodd-Frank Act’s reward program and how tech whistleblowers who report corruption may be entitled to millions in rewards. TechCentral has been leading the reporting on corruption in South Africa’s technology sector. Below is one of the applicable paragraphs from TechCentral’s story.

“Approached for comment, specialist US attorneys Andy Rickman and Chris Connors told TechCentral that US-traded companies may face “significant penalties” — in some cases up to hundreds of millions of dollars — for violating the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. “Whistle-blowers who report corruption relating to technology companies may receive 10-30% of the entire penalty levied upon the company by the US government, resulting in multimillion-dollar rewards,” they said in e-mailed comments. Rickman and Connors specialise in getting rewards for whistle-blowers who report corruption under a piece of legislation known as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.”

The entire article can be viewed here.


Andy Rickman is an SEC whistleblower attorney who has filed FCPA reward submissions for international clients residing in more than 50 different countries. He is based in Washington, DC where Dodd-Frank reward submissions are filed and the SEC is headquartered. Mr. Rickman offers a free consultation to anyone who would like to discuss whether he or she has a Dodd-Frank reward eligible case. Please feel free to contact him at