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This is FCPA Whistleblower clipart.The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday on one of my FCPA whistleblower clients who helped trigger a quarter billion dollar settlement in the healthcare sector. The WSJ article German Dialysis Firm Reaches Agreement in Bribery Probe explains that “German health-care firm Fresenius Medical Care AG said last week in a regulatory filing that it had reached an agreement in principle with U.S. authorities regarding a long-running foreign-bribery investigation that involved an anonymous whistleblower complaint.” The article goes on to explain how my client reported corrupt practices to the company in 2012, how the company responded quickly by launching an investigation shortly thereafter, and how Fresenius has “recorded €224 million euros ($253.9 million) in charges as the company negotiated with the government over a potential settlement.” Here is a link to the article.

For those of you who are interested in reading but who do not have a WSJ subscription please click here for a full download of the article.


Andy Rickman is an SEC whistleblower attorney who has filed FCPA reward submissions for international clients residing in more than 50 different countries. He is based in Washington, DC where Dodd-Frank reward submissions are filed and the SEC is headquartered. Mr. Rickman offers a free consultation to anyone who would like to discuss whether he or she has a Dodd-Frank reward eligible case. Please feel free to contact him at